Server object error &#039;ASP 0177 : 800a0046&#039; <BR>Server.CreateObject Failed <BR>/bsci97/dnlehane/Fyp2/create.asp, line 126 <BR>The operation completed successfully<BR><BR>I am getting the above error when trying to copy a file into a folder that is just created. The code below shows the users email and password being written to "members.txt", then a folder being created and straight away I try to copy a file in there. Line 126 is marked by *****.<BR>Can anyone help???Please<BR><BR><BR>*****code***<BR>&#039;App end email and password to the members textfile<BR> Dim strLogFileName<BR> const ForAppending = 8<BR> strLogFileName = Server.MapPath("members.txt")<BR> &#039;response.write(strLogFileName)<BR> Dim objLogFileFSO<BR> set objLogFileFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")<BR><BR> Dim objLogFileTS<BR><BR> If objLogFileFSO.FileExists(strLogFileName) Then<BR> Set objLogFileTS = objLogFileFSO.OpenTextFile(strLogFileName, ForAppending)<BR> Else<BR> Set objLogFileTS = objLogFileFSO.CreateTextFile(strLogFileName)<BR> End If<BR> <BR> objLogFileTS.WriteLine entry<BR> objLogFileTS.close<BR> Set objLogFileTS = Nothing<BR> Set objLogFileFSO = Nothing<BR><BR> Session("EmailAddress")= email<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR> &#039;Create folder on web directory named user&#039;s email<BR> &#039;Create an instance of the FileSystemObject<BR> Dim path<BR> Set objFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")< BR> <BR> &#039;Create folder on web directory named user&#039;s email<BR> path = "../FYP2/" & email<BR> path = Server.MapPath(path)<BR> <BR> If Not objFSO.FolderExists(path) then<BR> objFSO.CreateFolder(path)<BR> End If<BR> <BR> Set objFSO = Nothing<BR><BR><BR> &#039;Now must copy menu file from home directory to new users folder<BR> dim strFileSource, strFileDestination, f2<BR> strFileSource = "../FYP2/menu.asp"<BR> strFileSource = Server.MapPath(strFileSource)<BR> strFileDestination = "../FYP2/"&email&"/"<BR> strFileDestination = Server.MapPath(strFileDestination)<BR> response.write "Source is "&strFileSource&"<BR>Dest is "&strFileDestination<BR><BR> if strFileSource = "" OR strFileDestination = "" then<BR> response.redirect "error.asp?error=source&destnotexist" <BR> end if<BR><BR> set objFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")< BR> if Not objFSO.FileExists(strFileSource) then<BR> response.redirect "error.asp?error=sourcenotexisting"<BR> end if<BR><BR> Set f2 = objFSO.GetFile(strFileSource)<BR> f2.Copy(strFileDestination) *******Line 126<BR> Set f2 = nothing<BR> <BR><BR> Set objFSO = nothing<BR> destination = "../FYP2/"&email&"/menu.asp"<BR> &#039;response.redirect destination<BR><BR>