&nbsp;<BR>I have an asp page which gives a directory listing. The user never sees the physical location of those files. I need to create a link to each file, so that the user can save that file to disk. So basically I want the same function as clicking on a normal file type link, but in this case the link is to another asp script (a href="getfile.asp?file="), which streams the required file to the browser, which asks the user if he wants to save it to disk, and then after doing that it returns to the original ftp listing.<BR><BR>I sort of have an idea of how it&#039;s approached, maybe using Response.AddHeader, but am not sure exactly how this is done.. I have managed to do something close - got the browser to save the link script page, and not the actual file I wanted..!! <BR><BR>Please help! This is killing me.... Arghhhh.<BR>Thanks,<BR>Melch