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    Tom Layte Guest

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    I have made a page that allows users to upload a file to a BLOB in a database.<BR>I also store the name of the file, the content type of the file and some other specific info that you dont need to worry about.<BR>What i need to do is allow other users to download these files.<BR>I tried using the stored content type and the binary write function but that makes it always try to save it as dl.asp (the name of the script) is there any way around this problem?<BR>Preferably without using 3rd party components or writing a temporary file.<BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Tom

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    Can you create a link to download a file from the database?<BR><BR>Robert

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    Tom Layte Guest

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    What do you mean?<BR><BR>I expect I COULD write the file that is stored in the database to a temporary file.<BR>But im making this script for someone else, and i want to make it as easy to set up as possible.<BR>Also i wouldn&#039;t know how to delete the temp file when its done downloading.<BR><BR>What i really need is a way to make the browser think the name of the file its downloading is the name of the original file, not the name of the asp script.<BR><BR>Im sure i&#039;ve seen cgi scripts do that before.

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