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    I know this should be easy but....<BR>In a dropdown box, I need to list dates, beginning with the most recent Saturday, then list the dates of every Saturday going back 3 months. Obviously it needs to be able to recognize when months and years increment and adjust accordingly.<BR>I know I&#039;m making this way too hard, if anyone has a simple solution, please help!<BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Default Try cologne,mouthwash

    Well,<BR><BR>Look into The WeekDAy function<BR>and the DateAdd function.<BR><BR>if you have one saturdays date<BR>you can do a DateAdd and give the increment a -7.<BR><BR>check the vbs reference for more on the date functions.

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    much thanks. You don&#039;t, by chance, have a sister do you?<BR>hehe

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