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    I think so but what do you think? I&#039;m doing a web newsletter and figured all the articles should be organized and searchable in an access database (got about 500 past articles and new ones come only quarterly). HTML will of course be stored with each article. Is this a good application or is it more typical to just keep each article as a file?<BR><BR>I&#039;m kind of clueless.<BR><BR>Some articles contain images, I figure those will be kept as files (or can a db hold images).<BR>

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    My opinion only...I don&#039;t think a good use of a db is to store articles or images. What I would do is keep the articles and images as files and store the URL&#039;s in a searchable db or have an "Index" of articles. Just my thoughts.

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    **** it, I knew it, I&#039;m totally wasting my time. Well, it&#039;s been fun...<BR><BR>I just thought that keyword searching through the maze of articles would be easier to implement if they were in a db instead of just some files.<BR><BR>I also thought it would be easier to maintain. You could just upload new articles to the database and not screw around too much with the web server.<BR><BR>Better logic?<BR>Like I said before, I&#039;m pretty new.

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