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    Rogier Guest

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    I have a problem, I sometimes do some Dbase programming for a company. They have two NT4 servers. On one of them it is possible to protect the directory, the mdb file is in. If you try to open the mdb file from the browser it askes for a system login and password. But on the other server the properties of the directory the mdb file is in should have read write and excecute for ALL users, else i have a ADODB error. It seems that on one of the servers the Dbase is approached as system and on the other as alluser.<BR><BR>

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    See if both directories are virtual IIS directories, or at least located under the wwwroot directory (assuming they&#039;re using IIS).Then check sharing permissions if either that folder or a parent folder is shared.

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    Rogier Guest

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    Thnx Sebastian<BR><BR>I mailed this awnser to the guy who&#039;s running the servers (I am just a dumb programmer ;-). But I kind of suspect that this is allready done. Can&#039;t it be a problem of a setting in the serverobject: ADODB.connection ? <BR><BR>Rogier

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