Hello all, <BR><BR>(I have posted this message in the advanced message board- no replies, maybe this board is more appropriate)<BR><BR>I have managed to complete a search page for Index Server, I am now working on a file upload page. I would like the ASP code to Enter the DocKeyWords property into a file (for example, if you right click on a word document file, and go to the Summary tab there is a field labeled "Keywords" among others, that field i am using to diferentiate between documents with index server and i would like the "upload.asp" file to insert the keyword from a predetermined list of standard keywords that will be picked up by pages for each section). <BR><BR>I am not sure if this is the most efficient way to go about it, however we only have a small amount of documentation, and this method currently works very well. <BR><BR>I thank anyone in advance for having a think about this problem, and even more for suggesting something :) <BR><BR>Khaled