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    Raza Guest

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    Here&#039s the problem:<BR><BR>Database &#039a&#039 has two fields - cname and client_id.<BR><BR>cname = alpha<BR>client_id = combination numeric + character data.<BR><BR>The form field values are stored in HIDDEN input fields that are POSTed to the target asp file that writes the data to the database. These hidden fields are accessible in the target asp file (as confirmed by response.write) but for some reason I get an "errors occurred" error when it tries to write the data to the database field.<BR><BR>i.e., the statement:<BR><BR>rst("cname") = Request("send_name")<BR><BR>generates an "errors occurred" error though the form field send_name contains valid name data. For some reason, however, the following statement DOES work:<BR><BR>rst("cname") = "Test name".<BR><BR>I&#039ve double checked the references. <BR><BR>Can anyone help???<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Raza.<BR>

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    Hema S Guest

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    You probably need quotes for the Request("send_name") string. Do this :<BR>name = Request.Form("send_name")<BR>rst("cname") = "&#039" & name & "&#039"<BR>Hth,<BR>Hema <BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Hema S Guest

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    Or try simply assigning the Request("send_name") to a variable & assign this to the recordset field - rst("cname").<BR>Hema

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