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    Can someone tell me what is a index server.<BR>I am using PWS on my PC for running Asp.<BR>Is it an alternative for PWS.<BR>Is a index server a part of software or hardware.<BR>I have read it that its useful for the indexing<BR>of pages for searching certain words.In that case<BR>isn&#039;t PWS useful & how.<BR>Please can anyone enlighten me on what is Index server &<BR>where can I get it(download) & if any article on it.

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    Index Server is search engine software from Microsoft, it is free and can be downloaded as part of the NT option pack.<BR><BR>Basically it builds a index (catalog) of all your documents and understands Office documents such as word and excel. You can then search for keywords in those documents or query parameters in them, like author/title.<BR><BR>PWS doesn&#039;t do this directly but you could code something ASP to do this, but why re-write the book. It is very effective and I have used it many times successfully.

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    index server comes with NT option pack 4.0, along with IIS4.0. It keeps catalogs of the files with the hard drive on the server and can be called from asp you can search for various items such as document type, title, date published etc. a good use of it is on a Knowledge base. Try this link:

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