I promise this is the last time I&#039;ll post anything about this. I&#039;ve posted on microsoft newsgroups, emailed microsfot experts and asked friends and no-ones come up with an answer. So here goes:<BR><BR>I note to my dismay that the procedure for setting and retrieing named cookies in client side VBscript and ASP seems to leads to different results. My example, if I wished to create a cookie alled &#039;oldpage&#039; in client side VBscript, I would write something like this:<BR><BR> document.cookie = "oldpage=" & value<BR><BR>Whereas in ASP the procedure would be:<BR><BR> response.cookies("oldpage") = value<BR><BR>To my surprise, when I then check the cookie collection either client side or server side, I get two identical cookies:<BR><BR> oldpage=value;oldpage=value<BR><BR>I cannot seem to find any way of ensuring that the client side and server side cookies point at the same object. What is going on here? Help would be much appretiated, as this one has me really tearing my hair out.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Matt Thrower<BR>