Hi, <BR><BR>I tried using ADO from asp to test failover feature supported by Win2000.<BR>The provider I used is Micosoft OLE DB provider for ODBC which connects to<BR>a database. The ODBC driver I used does not support connection<BR>pooling. While testing the failover features, I got the following<BR>problem.<BR><BR>On failure of the database server, I closed the ADO connection and later<BR>tried connecting the server hoping the cluster software would have brought<BR>the server up. But, due to resource pooling in OLD DB, I was getting the<BR>connection which is already dead. This prevents me from doing any other<BR>operation. <BR><BR><BR>I verified this behavior (Attempt to open a connection after closing a<BR>dead connection gives the same dead connection back) by disabling the<BR>resource pool. When the pool is disabled, connect attempts makes fresh<BR>connections to the server. <BR><BR>I also tried not closing the connection (which is dead) and try opening<BR>new one. In this case, I was getting a new connection. (Since the old dead<BR>connection is not placed back in the pool).<BR><BR>Is there any way I can force the ADO to flush out a connection if the<BR>server goes down ( Like Uninitialize in OLE DB) so that successive<BR>connection attempts wont get the dead connection from the pool.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>d.prasanna