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    re. a program that my patner and myself would like to have written for the web.<BR><BR>Basicly we are looking for a program that will run advertising for rental properties on the net.<BR><BR>Real estate agents should be able to enter, modify, remove and store they ads and the public should be able to see the ads displayed by cities, suburbs etc...<BR><BR>Ads should include pictures (if the client wishes).<BR><BR>Thats in very basic the program. We know exctly what we want and are happy to meet up with you and see if we can dio some business.<BR><BR>Please email

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    A seasoned and experienced web developer at your service. Expert in interface designing and database integration to turn out a site that is easily navigable and pleasing to surf. Strengths lie in ASP/SQL, VB, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Perl/CGI, Flash, etc. check the work samples at

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    I have written which is a demo site at the moment - it basically has all the functionality that yu seem to be looking for - obviously the code can be adapted to fit your needs ...<BR><BR>

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