I just moved upgraded to Beta. I was able to use<BR>DropDownLists with the bits and I still can with the beta.<BR><BR>BUT I can not seem to get checkBoxLists and radioButtonLists<BR>to work with the Beta. I have my code below. The sample will<BR>run fine if I do not specify properties such as DataTextField <BR>in the checkboxlist. But it is titled and tagged improperly. <BR>The error I get is this. Did this change?<BR><BR>DataBinder.Eval: &#039;System.Data.DataRowView&#039; does not contain <BR>a property with the name &#039;colorname&#039;. <BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE="vb" RUNAT="server"&#062; <BR>Sub Page_Load(myList AS Object,E as EventArgs)<BR> Dim dbComm AS SQLDataSetCommand<BR> Dim SQLserver AS String<BR> Dim SQL AS String<BR> Dim ds AS New DataSet<BR> Dim conn AS SQLConnection<BR> SQLserver = "server=111.222.333.444;uid=me;password=magic;"<BR > SQL = "Select * from colors"<BR> conn = New SQLConnection(SQLserver)<BR> dbComm = New SQLDataSetCommand(SQL,conn)<BR> dbComm.FillDataSet(ds,"colors")<BR> colorlist.DataSource = ds.Tables("colors").DefaultView<BR> colorlist.DataBind()<BR>End Sub<BR>