Session.ABANDON doesn't CLEAR Session variable

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Thread: Session.ABANDON doesn't CLEAR Session variable

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    Default Session.ABANDON doesn't CLEAR Session variable

    I wanted to clear all my session variables, so I called<BR>session.abandon. But after doing this, a value in one<BR>of my session variables still existed. Why?<BR><BR>Is it because my permssions aren&#039t set correctly?<BR><BR>

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    Did you request the Session variable in the same ASP page? I.e.:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Session.Abandon<BR>Respons e.Write Session(someSessionVariable)<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>??? I think if you do that, you will still see your session variable. However, try this:<BR><BR>ONE.ASP<BR>&#060;% Session.Abandon %&#062;<BR><BR>TWO.ASP<BR>&#060;%=Session(someSess ionVariable)%&#062;<BR><BR>Visit ONE.ASP first, then TWO.ASP. I would wager that the Session variable on TWO.ASP is not outputted. :)

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