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Thread: Session Variables and Virtual Directories

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    Ron Cook Guest

    Default Session Variables and Virtual Directories

    My application uses several virtual directories containing<BR>hundreds of asp files. Each virtual directory has its own <BR>global.asa file. When I use session variables in the asp files,<BR>they don&#039t always work properly, between files in different<BR>virtual directories.<BR><BR>I have tried setting each session variable multiple times, once for each virtual directory. Also, each variable is initialized to "" in each global.asa file, with timeout set to 4 hrs. This appears to help, but not always. (Note: an example of a session variable in this application is the user&#039s time zone - found using javascript at the browser and sent to the server as an asp file parameter. Data is stored in UTC format and displayed to the user in the local time zone. Since the conversion is done at the server, the user&#039s time zone is accesed from the session variable.)<BR><BR>So, my question is: what are "all" the hidden rules for setting and accessing session variables. Why do virtual directories change the rules?

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    su Guest

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    Sorry ,I don&#039t know your answer <BR>But as far as I know using lots of global.asa (in fact more then one) causes this problem because of ASP&#039s handling the global.asa<BR>and session vars.<BR>Sorry...

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