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Thread: fixing apostrophe and double quotes

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    Kendall Guest

    Default fixing apostrophe and double quotes

    Anyone have a regular expression that will replace a single apostrophe within a word boundry with two apostrophes and replace any quotations with two quotations? ThankS.

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    Default Why not just use Replace?

    Why not just use the VBScript function replace?<BR><BR>&#039;Replace all single apostrophes with two in str<BR>str = Replace(str, "&#039;", "&#039;&#039;")<BR><BR>&#039;Replace any quotes with double quotes<BR>str = Replace(str, """", """""")<BR><BR>Tech docs on Replace at:<BR>

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    Kendall Guest

    Default RE: Why not just use Replace?

    Because I dont want to replace every occurence. For example--<BR>"SELECT * FROM tblName WHERE Favorites=&#039;Romeo&#039;s&#039; And FirstName=&#039;Sam&#039;s&#039;" ---- I just want to fix the apostrophe. Not to mention I&#039;d like to get cozy with Regular Expressions. I&#039;m sure they&#039;ll come in handy once I am more familiar with them.

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    chixdiggit Guest

    Default me too

    I would like to know the answer to this one as well!

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