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    Need a good way to check if a browser is of version 4 or higher for ie and netscape and if not redirect to a page saying &#039;You need version 4 or higher to view this page&#039; Good javascript was posted but it didn&#039;t say anything about detecting netscape.<BR>Thanks in advance.

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    reposting is evil Guest

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    stick with your first thread you dickhead

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default Ouch!

    Little uncalled for, but the point is to keep your posts together, since I don&#039;t know what you&#039;ve tried or have been told already... although &#039;reposter&#039; could&#039;ve been a bit more cordial..<BR><BR>have you tried:<BR><BR>if (document.layers) //netscape

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    <eop> Guest

    Default Totally un-called for... show a little patience..


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