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    I think I posted this to the wrong area of the site. (sorry for the cross-post)<BR><BR>I&#039;ve seen and read through all of the info (I think) on the advantages of GETROWS versus moving through a recordset. I&#039;m convinced. But here are my questions: <BR>1) Many articles tout the advantages of paged recordsets using the cachesize,pagesize, and absolutepage properties. Is there a speed/resource benefit to using the cachesize setting when using GETROWS? (it looked to me like the pagesize and absolutepage properties would be useless with GETROWS) <BR>2) Should I use a client side or server side cursor with GETROWS, or does it make a difference? <BR>3) Any other tips/tricks I need to know to ensure the fastest retrieval/close? <BR><BR>Thanks for the help!

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    #2) I believe the ASP-side adForwardOnly is what you&#039;re looking for. (I think it&#039;s client-side, but I&#039;ve never been really clear on database connectivity -- probably because I close my connections as quickly as possible.)<BR><BR>#1) If you&#039;re coding a search engine where the results have to be consistent page to page, then having all of those properties is probably a good thing. Otherwise, consider:<BR><BR>select top x foo from table where criteria in (select top x * page# from table where criteria = True! order by criteria) order by criteria desc<BR><BR>If I remembered the code right, this is a fairly cheap way to page through more-or-less static results. The inside select grabs the set of results which the user has seen (including their current page) and the outside select takes only the current page of results from that. And you can .getRows on that result. But be sure to test it; I haven&#039;t used it in over a year.<BR><BR>#3) When you have the option and are expecting more than one record, set the .cacheSize on your recordset. Look up "CacheSize" in the search engine here -- there should be an article on it.<BR><BR>SPG

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