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    Ed Guest

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    I have an asp form it contains text boxes and button, db connectivitiy, recordset open, and a flexgrid. What happens is the page loads and runs all the db and recordset stuff which is in a function. I want the page to load and not open the db or return a record set until after a text box is populated and a button is clicked. The text boxes and button are not in form tags, should they be? After the button is clicked I should get a recordset, and then the grid should be displayed. How do I get this page to function correctly, and not have anything happen until I make a selection and press a button.

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    SELECT *<BR>FROM Table<BR>WHERE yourfield IN (SELECT yourfield FROM table<BR> GROUP BY yourfield <BR> HAVING count(*) &#062; 1)<BR>ORDER BY yourfield

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    grrrr Guest

    Default Sorry, wrong thread <nm>


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