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    Hello,<BR><BR>I am trying to develop a script that does what follows:<BR><BR>1) Takes an input from a browser<BR>2) Counts up to 3 minutes<BR>3) Sends a popup window to the browser<BR><BR>The challenge is in the meanwhile the browser focus does not have to stay on the web site, but it can be elsewhere. For instance: User X visits page Z where I am going to install the script, then he moves to page Y, W, K and perhaps also to page J on another web site. Here the three minutes expire and I would then need my server to send the browser a popup.<BR><BR>Someone suggest I should use the timing properties of the session object in asp. Can anyone suggest if and how this would work?<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR><BR>Luca

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    Default Not possible!

    You need to realise that this is the process.<BR>. User clicks link in browser.<BR>. The browser sends server a request for asp page.<BR>. Server processes asp page and sends html back to browser.<BR>. browser displays it.<BR><BR>End of story.<BR><BR>Once the user sees the page the server no longer wants to know about it. It cannot wait 3 minutes before sending more output back to the original client.<BR><BR>Furthermore, the browser cannot even continue to run javascript that was on page Z. Once the browser leaves page Z, any javascript that was running from the page, ceases to exist.<BR><BR>Also ASP cannot make a popup appear on the client machine, because this is a client-server scenario.<BR><BR>Therefore what you want is technically not possible.

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