Passing parameters to an ASP page.

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Thread: Passing parameters to an ASP page.

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    Default Passing parameters to an ASP page.

    Would be great if someone helps me out of this.Iam trying to display a gif at a particular location on the hardisk.I have 2 files one a HTML and the other an ASP file to achieve the same.Here are the code snippets of the same.<BR><BR>HTML:<BR><BR>&#060;img SRC="AspPage2.asp?chartpath=D:PeryBUTTON-BLUE.gif"&#062;<BR><BR>ASP Page:<BR><BR>strpath = Request.QueryString("chartpath")<BR><BR>objStream. DisplayChart (strpath)<BR><BR>&#039;Object stream is a inhouse object that displays charts uing binary write.<BR><BR>However if i just pass the asp file and not any ?s after it on the html page it works(provided i hardcode the path in the asppage)<BR><BR>am i doing the syntax wrong or is there another way out.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Pery

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    I dont get it why are you putting the ASP page as the source<BR><BR><BR>why not just <BR><BR>SRC="D:PeryBUTTON-BLUE.gif"<BR><BR>what are you trying to do??<BR><BR>

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    Pery Guest

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    OK its like this.The gifs are generated in an app server wherein we have all the mts components.The web server and the appserver are not on the same boxes.So if i do SRC="D:PeryBUTTON-BLUE.gif", it will take the gifs from the web server which is not wanted.For this purpose i have created another component in the app server that does a binary write using a third party component and the inherent asp scripting context.<BR><BR>So from the ap page i want to pass the path to the app server component.<BR><BR>Hope this makes it more clearer.<BR><BR>Thanks

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