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    Hi,<BR>i already put in a message today (thank you for your help, kurt!!!) about triggering a sequence when inserting into an Oracle database<BR><BR>but i still have a problem ( i just can&#039;t get it to work!!!)<BR>sql=" Select UserID.nextval From Dual;"<BR>Set RecordSetObjectSeq=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Reco rdSet")<BR>RecordSetObjectSeq.Open sql,objConn,adOpenKeyset,adlockOptimistic, adcmdText<BR>sequence=RecordSetObjectSeq(" What would i put in here?? )<BR>

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    Ok, change:<BR>"Select UserID.nextval From Dual;"<BR>to<BR>"select UserID.nextval as Foo from Dual;"<BR><BR>then:<BR><BR>sequence=RecordSetObjec tSeq(" What would i put in here?? )<BR>to<BR>sequence=RecordSetObjectSeq("foo") <BR><BR><BR>

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    Thank you!!!!

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    wouldn&#039;t <BR>sequence=RecordSetObjectSeq(0)<BR>work without changing the SQL?<BR><BR>I dunno, what I used here was lifted from some PHP stuff I&#039;d done. Works fine in PHP, but might not in ASP.<BR><BR>Oh well...

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