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    I have dates written in a database using the Date function.<BR><BR>When I go back and try to search between two dates I get a problem. If I try to query all the records between - lets say 2/5/01 and 2/19/01 - The 2/5/01 is getting interpreted as:<BR>February 50, 01 and its not pulling it out. How can I format and add an extra zero to make it 2/05/01 so It can be interpreted as February 5th.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve looked at all the formatdatetime (Date,type) types 0-4 and can&#039;t figure out a way to get this formatted with a zero. How is this done - or is there a better way??<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Try the CDATE function:<BR><BR>MyDate = "2/5/01"<BR>FormatDateTime(CDATE(MyDate), 1)

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