I&#039;m new to stored procedures, but I need to use one in an app I&#039;ve built. I have it set up so that a user can register before downloading a file. Currently I&#039;m using this stored procedure to insert the users info into my db.<BR><BR>CREATE PROCEDURE InsertUser<BR><BR>@pName varchar (50),<BR>@pEmail varchar (50),<BR>@pIPAddress varchar (50),<BR>@pDateAndTime varchar (20),<BR>@pCountry varchar (50)<BR><BR>as<BR><BR>insert into downloads(namer, email, ipaddress, dateandtime, country) values(@pName, @pEmail, @pIPAddress, @pDateAndTime, @pCountry)<BR><BR>if @@error = 0<BR>return (0)<BR>else<BR>return (-1)<BR>GO<BR><BR>However, I need to create another stored procedure where it will update a field in the users table. So, when it goes to insert a user, if the user is found in the database, instead of causing an error, then I have a download field that is an int and I want to increment it by one. I&#039;m not sure how to create this kind of a procedure or how to call it from this one I have working. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks.