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    I&#039;ve seen and read through all of the info (I think) on the advantages of GETROWS versus moving through a recordset. I&#039;m convinced. But here are my questions:<BR>1) Many articles tout the advantages of paged recordsets using the cachesize,pagesize, and absolutepage properties. Is there a speed/resource benefit to using the cachesize setting when using GETROWS? (it looked to me like the pagesize and absolutepage properties would be useless with GETROWS)<BR>2) Should I use a client side or server side cursor with GETROWS, or does it make a difference?<BR>3) Any other tips/tricks I need to know to ensure the fastest retrieval/close? <BR><BR>Thanks for the help!

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    yes, pushing your cachesize up would probably help.<BR>use the default cursor<BR><BR><BR>j

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