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Thread: Grabbing records between two dates

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    Raleigh Guest

    Default Grabbing records between two dates

    I need to grab all records between two dates in a database - How can I handle this in my select statement?<BR><BR>I.e. :<BR>I want to select all dates in a database between 1/15/01 and 1/20/01 - How do I handle the "between".<BR><BR>Thanks!!

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    MetaMorphic Guest

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    I am rather new at this, but in sql you use<BR><BR>Select * from table<BR>Where date between &#039;1-15-01&#039; and &#039;1-20-01&#039;<BR><BR>

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    Raleigh Guest

    Default Formatting dates

    That worked great except that - The two numbers are session variables from a text box. I tried Cdate() to format them as dates but it doesn&#039;t seem to work. Any Idea how I should handle this?<BR><BR>Heres my select:<BR>Psql = "select * from jobs where jobdate Between "& datefrom &" And "& Dateto &""

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    Metamorphic Guest

    Default RE: Formatting dates

    Could you show me what the output is that it gives you

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