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    I posted this yesterday:<BR><BR> Hi All <BR><BR>I need a bit more help with my on-line cafe, I have now launched and am experiencing a problem and wonder if anyone can help? <BR><BR>When a person confirms their order by clicking the confirm order button they are presented with a &#039;your order is being processed&#039; page this is just a flat page that the user is re-directed to after the the information has been written to the database. But....some orders are not even being written to the database for some reason or another of which I&#039;m not entirely sure why? It maybe that the server is busy or to many people accessing the site at the same time etc <BR><BR>What I need to do is, after the information has been written to the database I need to open another recordset and then basically ask the database if it has got that order, if it has then: "your order is being processed" if not then "your order has not been placed please place the order again" <BR><BR>This is great in theory but I haven&#039;t got a clue how to do it. <BR><BR>Anyone got any ideas??? Please help a desperate junior asp developer!! <BR><BR>The two kind people that replied to me told me to read<BR><BR> <BR><BR>Which I have done...but this is for SQL Server and I am working with Access! There something else that I can read but..I am not a subsriber of asp today!!<BR><BR>Can anybody help me please, thanks

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    Well, first I think that you REALLY NEED to figure out/understand why certain transactions are not being written to the database, and fix that. Have you tried using error trapping or looking at the ADO object&#039;s error collection to determine what is going on? In my opinion, this is where you should concentrate your efforts.<BR><BR>By the way, I know that Access generally poops out at 40 or 45 simultaneous connections on the server... this is REAL LIFE and VERIFIABLE based on experience. Not only that, but (even scarier) the Access database drivers tend to leak memory, meaning that if you use Access on your web server, you&#039;re going to have to to periodic reboots to keep IIS from freezing up.<BR><BR>As for determining the ID of the recently added record, please look at the FAQ written by Bill Wilkinson (<BR>

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