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    How to store picture in Access 97 database from my form,Using PWS, Access 97,and Front Page 98? <BR>I had a clue of using upload software...but any more ideas coz some software are not compatible to the system what I am using now...<BR>and using upload software would keep those picture in a folder where the path is set and it will retrieve back the picture when its require to show all those I correct?<BR>If I am correct what type of upload software do I need to use ?(I am using Windows 95,Access 97,MS PWS,VBScript)<BR>And do I need to set something in Access 97??<BR><BR>all answer will be appreciate...

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    Here&#039;s a good article about uploading:<BR><BR><BR>Don&#039;t save the image itself in the db but rather save a link to the folder/picname. Saving the image is a *serious* misuse of server space and processor.

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