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    Marek Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>i want to send some data from an ASP-Page to another server<BR>via the post (or even the GET) method.<BR>I don&#039t wont to redirect the Client Browser or something.<BR><BR>Any ideas ?<BR><BR>Marek

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    I&#039ve just created an ASP component that does just what you&#039re describing. It&#039s still a beta version, but free to download at Let me know what you think!

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    Marek Guest

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    Hello Todd,<BR><BR>thanx for your reply.<BR>Your component is doing exactly what i want.<BR>(there are also some others around, like ASPtear)<BR><BR>But i don&#039t want to use components.<BR>Components have strong disadvantages:<BR><BR>- You cannot easily upload your asp-application anymore<BR> because you always have to register your components.<BR> I code asp-applications for clients who have their own<BR> NT-Servers running.<BR><BR>- You cannot easily support or update your system anymore.<BR><BR>- You cannot easily delete your system from the server<BR> anymore, &#039cause it&#039s burned into the registry.<BR><BR>So, if it is not possible to do a post in asp,<BR>is it possible to write a small exe-file, which when<BR>executed by an asp-page will do the post ?<BR>(ASP can trigger exe-files, i hope...)<BR><BR>Is the source-code for one of these post-components<BR>available somwhere ?<BR><BR>Kind regards,<BR>Marek.

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    Volker Guest

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    As far as I know you would need also a component to trigger exe files (e.g.ASPExec)<BR><BR>The only thing what I can think about your problem is to use frames. You can hide the frame where you call your destination URL, might this a solution for you?

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    Marek Guest

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    Look at the new Thread "Solution for..."<BR><BR>-<BR>Visist my home:

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