Hi,<BR><BR>This is sort of an open-ended question, since I&#039;m still trying to get a handle on what .net offers over the current asp/COM combination. In particular, I&#039;m interested in hearing about what performance issues and ease of coding .net offers. I understand that a compiled web page will run faster than a scripting language, but if a component written in VB or C++ is called from an asp page, how will asp.net (say in C#) improve on this? On another note, have any C++ programmers out there given C# a run? I would prefer to code in a C-style language, but so far I&#039;ve found C++ com sufficiently complex to keep me in the land of VB where it comes to web development (which really hasn&#039;t been too bad).<BR><BR>Any thoughts?<BR><BR>- Geoff<BR><BR><BR><BR>