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    How do you set up a search page so that you have a series of radio buttons and if you click on one of them a list box is populated from your database? So, your radio button represents your main category, what is populated in the listbox is the list of subcategories. That&#039s the first part. Then you would be able to search a database based on which category(radio button)/subcategory(item in listbox) is selected.<BR>Thanks!

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    there are two ways of going about this.<BR><BR>1. server-side (asp)<BR>steps:<BR>a. user selects radio button on pagei.asp and submits the form<BR>b. page2.asp builds a query based on what radio button was selected<BR>c. page2.asp uses the aforementioned query to populate a drop-down box (see todays question "how to populate a drop-down box from a DB."<BR><BR>----<BR>2. client-side (probably harder to implement)<BR>steps:<BR>a. user selects a radio box on page1.asp<BR>b. client-side script assigns the proper values to the drop-down box<BR><BR>-----<BR>i&#039d recommend option #1. it is the more simple of the two.<BR><BR>kurt

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