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    I am trying to split a string at a dilimiter. I am getting an error ,<BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039;800a01a8&#039; <BR>Object required: &#039;Title;-we;-er;-t;-ew&#039; <BR>/bsci97/dnlehane/Fyp2/showMore.asp, line 15 <BR><BR>&#039;Title;-we;-er;-t;-ew&#039; is the string I am trying to split<BR><BR>the code is <BR>dim ses, details, title, max, y<BR>ses = Session("Slide1")<BR>response.write Session("Slide1")<BR>details = ses.split(";") *****This is line 15<BR>title = details(0)<BR>response.write title<BR><BR>Am I correct in the way I am trying to do this?<BR><BR>Hopeful,<BR>Ken <BR>

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