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    Is there a way to have a combo box have an effect where you type in the first letter "M" and you get a list of people with last name starts with "M" <BR>"Mac"<BR>"Markson"<BR>"McDice"<BR>"McGovern"<B R>and the next keypress event "Mc" and you would get everyone with the last name starting with "Mc" <BR>"McDice"<BR>"McGovern"<BR>then the next keypress "McG" you get the next person with the last name starting with "McG". <BR>"McGovern"<BR>Does this make sense? Any questions please email me...

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    Default NOT Combo Box....dropdown

    NO <BR><BR>you cannot do that as far as i will do it automatically for the first char but not for the 2nd and 3rd....<BR><BR>

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