Graphing Daily Referer Stats.. Is this possible?

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Thread: Graphing Daily Referer Stats.. Is this possible?

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    Brett Guarnieri Guest

    Default Graphing Daily Referer Stats.. Is this possible?

    Okay, here is my problem. I&#039;m creating a site statistics system for my web site, and I want to be able to display daily, monthly, and yearly referers. Say I have 30 referers today, 5 of them coming from the same site. How do I graph the data, organizing the referers by referer url from greatest to least amount of referers(in height on the chart). I&#039;ve tried to work a solution out in my head.. and I can&#039;t seem to figure it out. I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand.. Send responses to, as well as posting them on this message board.<BR><BR>Thanks!,<BR><BR>Brett Guarnieri

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    MarkusSparkis Guest

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    Can you graph left to right. If so you can do a for loop by adding onto a string from 1 to the number of referers you are looking for. In the process you can add some ascii character to simulate the bar. Me personally, I like the GraphicsServer software from Pinnacle. It allows you to create cool server side graphs. In other words, you do not have to rely on the client having components. You can easily do vertical bars with this program. It&#039;s pretty cheap too!

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    Brett Guarnieri Guest

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    No, I mean paging through the recordset of referers and saying okay, we have 4 of this site, 3 of this site, 2 of this site..and so on. Here is what I have so far.. I just need to use the bubble sorting method to sort the array.. which im not sure If im going to do or not.<BR><BR>select referer from [dailystats] where date=&#039;"&date()&"&#039;"<BR> sql, conn, 3, 3<BR>rs.movefirst<BR>i=1<BR>track = Array()<BR>do until RS.EOF<BR><BR>if i+RS("referer") = "" then<BR> i+RS("referer") = RS("referer")<BR> count+RS("referer") = 1<BR> track(i) = count+RS("referer")<BR>else<BR> count+RS("referrer")++<BR> track(i) = track(i)++<BR>end if<BR><BR>i++<BR><BR>rs.movenext<BR>loop<BR><BR>RS .Close<BR>Conn.Close

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