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    Deirdre Guest

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    I am trying to send values between asp pages using sessions, any help on this????

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    Which part of what YOU are TRYING is not working<BR><BR>maybe you could post some code which is not working

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    Nathan Masek Guest

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    Dont quite get the question.<BR><BR>You set Session Variables like this:<BR><BR>Session("favColor") = "purple"<BR><BR>Retrieve the value in another page like this:<BR><BR>strColor = Session("favColor")<BR>or<BR>Response.Write Session("favColor")<BR>or<BR>My favorite color is &#060;% =Session("favColor") %&#062;<BR><BR>- Thanks<BR>- Nathan Masek

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    Ed Guest

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    All over the place... Check out the FAQ&#039;s section on this site...

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    Deirdre Guest

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    Hey, Thanks very much for your help. <BR>Love, Deirdre

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