which one is more viable?

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Thread: which one is more viable?

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    Default which one is more viable?

    I often use explicit Recordsets instead of using connection object to open a recordset. <BR><BR>I use the following code to open recordset.<BR><BR>set rsTemp = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RECORDSET")<BR>rsTemp.o pen strSQL,strDSN<BR>if not rsTemp.EOF then<BR> .............<BR> .............<BR> rsTemp.Close<BR>end if <BR>set rsTemp = nothing<BR><BR>Is using connection object to create a recordset is more efficient or using Explicit Recordset is more effiecient?<BR><BR>thanks in advance.<BR>

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    All depends on what you want to do<BR><BR>You have complete control over the type of recordset with you explecitly create a recordset object. but if you use the connection object to open the recordset you cannot determine the type of recordset<BR><BR><BR>basically the recordset will nto have ALL the methods and properties if you do nto explicitly create and open a recordset<BR><BR>

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