I have a dynamic .asp form which runs in three parts. <BR>It is a return items form.<BR>Part 1 - asks for number of items to be returned.<BR><BR>Part 2 - creates a dynamic "set" of input boxes based on part 1.<BR>Each "set" includes 4 input boxes. .. (part num, serial num, invoice num, reason). So if a person wants to return 10 items there are 40 fields to fill out. Each "set" of input boxes has the same name (txtPartNum, txtSerialNum, txtInvoiceNum, txtReason). The name value is not incremented in any way.<BR><BR>This info is then sent to part 3 (CDONTS mailer). I use a looping forms colection to retrieve all the values. This works well. <BR><BR>What I need is a way to validate all the form elements. When I write a traditional javascript handler it works great if there is just 1 item to be returned. But if 2 or more "sets" of info are on the form it doesn&#039;t work. <BR><BR>I am thinking that perhaps I can use a "all" property somewhere to check the entire form but am not sure how to implement it.<BR><BR>Any other suggestions are most appreciated?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Scott<BR><BR><BR>