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    Hi All<BR><BR>I need a bit more help with my on-line cafe, I have now launched and am experiencing a problem and wonder if anyone can help?<BR><BR>When a person confirms their order by clicking the confirm order button they are presented with a &#039;your order is being processed&#039; page this is just a flat page that the user is re-directed to after the the information has been written to the database. But....some orders are not even being written to the database for some reason or another of which I&#039;m not entirely sure why? It maybe that the server is busy or to many people accessing the site at the same time etc<BR><BR>What I need to do is, after the information has been written to the database I need to open another recordset and then basically ask the database if it has got that order, if it has then: "your order is being processed" if not then "your order has not been placed please place the order again" <BR><BR>This is great in theory but I haven&#039;t got a clue how to do it. <BR><BR>Anyone got any ideas??? Please help a desperate junior asp developer!!

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    After you do your insert, just do a SELECT on the same information, then check for rs.EOF. If it&#039;s true, the info isn&#039;t in there...<BR><BR>what you really need to be asking yourself is "Why isn&#039;t this getting in there?" You may need to do a bit of testing... maybe the db is too busy, maybe you have an &#039; in the string, maybe maybe maybe...<BR><BR>Regardless, you need to fix this problem, not find a workaround.

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    I assume when a order has been placed the records will be in teh Db...what you do is when you do the insert<BR><BR>connection.execute SQLString, VivaldiKills<BR><BR>where VivaldiKills is a variable name<BR><BR>then check if VivaldiKills &#062; 0 if it is then the record is inserted. <BR><BR>this should do it for you....but make sure it comes to that page.<BR><BR><BR>OR<BR><BR><BR>read this<BR><BR><BR><BR>then check with the ID you retrieve if the record in in the db and ready to process<BR>

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