I have a very strange error situation arising out of the use of a control we have developed in VC++ 6 for use with ASP to repeatedly retrieve and redisplay data from an ODBC datasource. The control DLL works great on all our servers and workstations (NT4 WS and Server, and Win98), and on many client&#039s machines also, happily retrieving data from the relevant datasource and redisplaying it. However, when transplanted to a particular 3rd party&#039s PC running NT4 WS, it fails with the following response:<BR><BR>"ASP Error 0185 : missing default property. The Default property was not found for the object"<BR><BR>I can find no mention of this error in the MSDN docs or on any of the usual ASP sources on the Web so far. We have tried all of the usual security issue tricks to no avail. Does anyone recognise this error and what can we do about it?<BR><BR>TIA<BR><BR>Mark<BR>mark@dmt.co.uk