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    Kate Guest

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    I have a large amount of data to assemble into an html page. Currently, my .asp reads the data in from an Access database, loops through 2 recordset objects, and writes me a big table complete with tags and class attributes from the stylesheet. <BR><BR>This works fine, but the page, which has 50 fields and 2000 records, takes 25 seconds to display - and this is too long.<BR><BR>I am only prototyping this front end of this system at the moment - running it all locally using PWS and Access, and I appreciate that there will be more efficient, scalable architectures for the system, but for the moment, I just need to find if there&#039;s a quicker way to assemble the html from a datastore. <BR><BR>That said, it might be that the performance limitation to what I&#039;m currently doing is in reading the data in from Access, not in assembling the HTML at all. What do you think ?

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    Default 2000 records too much

    page it, or cut it down some other way<BR><BR>j

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    Kate Guest

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    Alas not my call. This is a serious application. The client requests that this data is available in a web-based application. I seek only the most efficient way to provide, not to demand his requirements fit my preferred technology. If ASp is not the tool for the job - that&#039;s fine. I haven&#039;t come across any defined limit to it, I just want to know if I can go about it a more efficient way.

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