Adding another field?Bill or anyone?

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Thread: Adding another field?Bill or anyone?

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    Default Adding another field?Bill or anyone?

    OK,<BR>I am going to skim the component and go with adding another field to each of my tables in the DB. Disk space is a minor concern at this point in time. Not to mention if you think performance will better then building a component, I guess its well worth it. Problem is my SQL is not that fresh. I currently dont have acces to enterprise manager so i need to add a field to my DB&#039;s through sql statments in a web page. OK,<BR>now say I get my fields created, what do I need to do to copy the data?

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    Default What is your question???

    do you want to know the SQL to add a column?? <BR><BR><BR>where do you wnat to copy the data to?? and FROM where??<BR><BR>what data??<BR><BR>

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