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    i wanted to validate a login form (username and password)...<BR><BR>my problem is that i am not using a SUBMIT button, but an image(gif) do i call the &#039;asp&#039; document in which i&#039;ve written the code to validate the form when the user clicks the Log-on image...??<BR><BR>Also, my main page consists of frame....can the Response.redirect method be used to display a page within a frame...??<BR><BR>thank you for any help in advance....

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    I&#039;m not definate about teh first part of the question, seting the onclick property of the image to href.location = "pageToGoTo.asp" might work (or some variation of that theme) but I&#039;m definate about the fact hat you can&#039;t use Response.Redirect with frames, you&#039;ll have to replace teh relevant pages with not frame pages to get around that one, although apparently there is a javascript function that can deal with it, you&#039;ll have to search teh net for that one.

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