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    Hi all,<BR><BR>I have one problem?<BR>How to work with string and subString......<BR>for example I got a string called <BR>&#060;% dim strName<BR> strName = "Anand Brand Bisht"<BR>%&#062;<BR>Now my question is how to seperate the "strName" in different subString. I wanted "Anand" "Brand" "Bisht" in sepearte string like<BR>&#060;% dim strFirstName<BR> dim strSurName<BR> dim strLastName<BR> strFirstName = "Anand"<BR> strSurName = "Brand"<BR> strLastName = "Bisht"<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>????<BR><BR>With best regards.<BR>Anand<BR>

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    Split(" ") would drop the separate values into an array. not advanced, and an RTFM question<BR><BR>j

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