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    Hello,<BR>I would like to place many hyperlinks on my websites to other url&#039;s, but I would like to prevent people from just copying and pasting the links. Any idea how I can do this?<BR><BR>Linda

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    Default the point being?

    is there a reason for this? not that it can be done, but I&#039;m interested to know.<BR><BR>j

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    Just call a Javascript function with the URL as a parameter which performs document.location = URL. Is that what you mean?<BR><BR>

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    Default Yes!

    To accomplish what you want, simply print your pages and use U.S. Mail to send them to people. OH! But then they can use a copy machine, so use that copy-proof bank-secured paper. OH! But then they can use a pencil, so overprint the links with very black ink so they can&#039;t be read. Yes, that should do it.<BR><BR>Information wants to be free.

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