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    I&#039;ve got an ASP/JAVA question, and I dont know which end is causing the problem...<BR>I&#039;m using the HttpURLConnection.setResponseProperty("Cookie", myCookie); which is supposed to set a cookie on the target URL (which happens to be an ASP page). But the Cookie field ends up empty. <BR>Is there any way you can extract that property. It ges set in the header field of the Http response?<BR>

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    cookies are only set on response, including them in a request does nothing.<BR><BR>j

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    Well it should do, how would you be able to connnect to a page that requires cookies otherwise???<BR>Correct me if I&#039;m wrong, but doesn&#039;t the Cookie field in the header (Normally sent through a browser) show what has been recieved as Set-Cookie params in earlier headers.<BR><BR>What I want to do is set some params in the cookie, and read them in the asp page...<BR><BR>The cookie I&#039;m trying to set looks like this: <BR>MenuItems=One=true&Two=false&Three=true;<BR> I am slicing and splitting them in asp to set up a 2d array <BR>[One][true]<BR>[Two][false]<BR>[Three][true]<BR><BR>Then I set up buttons representing 1,2 and 3....<BR>That works OK now(tested in normal browser), apart from retrieveing the cookie.<BR>Whether that is an ASP or JAVA problem I do not know, but I do need soem help...<BR><BR>

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