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    Yngvar Guest

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    Hi, I have a smal problem when connecting to my database...<BR>The first time I open the page it&#039;s ok, the next time I get this error message;<BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Service Components error &#039;80030005&#039; <BR><BR>Access Denied. <BR><BR>/mbooking/Default.asp, line 58 <BR><BR>Next time again it&#039;s ok, and after that error message again and so on...<BR><BR>The line giving me the error message is this<BR>objConn.Open = "File Name=C:inetpubwwwrootpbookingprojector.udl"<BR><BR >What can be the problem

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    Coen Guest

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    perhaps you forgot to close the connection? the file is still open the next time you try to open it, and therefor gives "access denied"<BR><BR>try putting objConn.Close and Set objConn = Nothing somewhere

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    Yngvar Guest

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    And the problem was insufficient rights...

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