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    I&#039;ve checked http://www.aspfaqs.com/aspfaqs/ShowFAQ.asp?FAQID=107 for possible sollutions.<BR>I don&#039;t get this:<BR><BR>"The most common reason is that the Internet Guest account (IUSR_MACHINE) does not have Write permissions on the database file (.mdb). To fix this problem, use the Security tab in Explorer to adjust the properties for this file so that the Internet Guest account has the correct permissions."<BR><BR>When I phoned a guy on the company that provides the server he replied that since I have the possibility to create new ASP-files on the server the read/write/execute permissions are correct. I still get the error though :(. Isn&#039;t he wrong on this issue? I mean - I&#039;m not an anonymous user when I log on to their server through Interdev. However, it&#039;s impossible to perform an UPDATE or INSERT INTO through Internet Explorer. Sorry if I tend to be a little slow regarding this issue, but it isn&#039;t easy to get in touch with the server guy, so I want to be sure what to say when I do.<BR><BR>Best regards / jeps0

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    Obviously this board does not have a replace for quotemarks in the subject line...

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    I don&#039;t think he is understanding what you need.<BR><BR>Tell him that the IUSR_xxxxxx account MUST have write permissions on the subdirectory in which the database is stored, and that you are NOT talking about your personal user account (probably an FTP account) that you use to update scripts.

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    Is xxxxxx in IUSR_xxxxxxx the name of my account on the server? If my username is jeps0, is it then IUSR_jeps0 that should be changed?

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