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    Ahalya Guest

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    Hi,<BR> In my Application i am exporting the AddressBook from Outlook and save it as .csv file<BR>Using ASP i am reading the .csv file<BR>How do i know the Fields the user has selected and assign the Corresponding values to it?<BR><BR>Example:<BR>If the user selects FirstName,LastName,Email,Phone but has data only for firstname and email.<BR>It will be like this in the .csv file:<BR>First Name,Last Name,Email,Phone<BR>Ahalya,,ahalya@usa.net,,<BR><B R>How to assign FirstName=Ahalya,LastName="",Email=ahalya@usa.net, Phone="".<BR><BR>Please Help me,It&#039;s very urgent.<BR><BR>Rgds,<BR>Ahalya.<BR>

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    Annabeuleuh Guest

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    you can use the "split" function :<BR>as your separator is the ",", you just have to split the line :<BR><BR>line_read is the line you just read from you .csv file<BR>my_Array is a table, which size is the number of colomn of your File.<BR><BR>my_Array = split(line_read, ",")<BR>First_Name = my_Array(0)<BR>Last_Name = my_Array(1)<BR>Email = my_Array(2) <BR>....<BR>and if there is nothing between the "," it will return nothing in your string.<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>Annabeuleuh

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