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    Default how to use grid in asp page

    can any one tell me how to use the grid in the asp page what code toadd for using a grid .and in the grid if iwant toadd select box in each cell how i can use it and user can enter a value in the textbox in other cell. <BR><BR>please help me out

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    Default Do it in HTML first...

    ...figure out how to create a "grid" in HTML (hint: you must use the &#060;TABLE&#062; tag) and how to put &#060;SELECT&#062; and &#060;INPUT&#062; fields into various cells of that "grid".<BR><BR>No ASP involved. Just HTML.<BR><BR>Then, once you get an HTML page looking like you want it, you can add the ASP code as needed.<BR><BR>But tables are the very *basis* of many, many, many HTML pages, so you need to learn how to use HTML to create what you want before you start leaping into ASP. You must crawl before you can walk and walk before you can run.<BR><BR>

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    Default Another way

    U can use ASPGrid component from persits. Goto & download ASPGrid component. There is a 30 day trial version.

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