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    I see all this talk about using SQL for databases...<BR>Where the heck do you get SQL ?<BR>I believe i heard that you can buy it for 2000$?<BR>does that mean that everybody talking about sql went out and paid 2000$ for it or what?<BR><BR>How do you get this program

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    When we say we use SQL for a database we&#039;re talking about Microsoft SQLServer program, and not the programming language sql, which is common to most, if not all databases.<BR><BR>SQL is very expensive, but a lot of people either use a server that allows them to use a SQL database that&#039;s already installed, or some people have Microsofts Small Business Server or Back Office which has SQLServer bundled with it.<BR><BR>SQL is significantly superior in speed and functionality to Access, but really isn&#039;t necessary unless you have an extremely large database, or lots of hits on it. <BR><BR>A majority of my programs use Access instead of SQL, and unless I expect 10000 hits a day, I don&#039;t fret about using Access.<BR><BR>hope that helps.

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